Creating Premium Brand Experiences that go beyond the stay.

Acquire more customers, win brand loyalty, and retain customers that will buy and spend more throughout your journey.

“Thank you Sestra Visuals for everthing! For the help and clarity! What I love about working with Denice is her system – stress-free and flawless! She’s a heaven sent to me and my business. She knows what to do and ask the most probing questions to make me realize my real goals and purpose why I’m in this business. I can’t find the right word how to show how I appreciate your work and how I’m grateful I tapped you as my Brand strategist. Thank you!”

April Boton

Social Media Strategist, AIB Socials

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The goal is for your brand to be chosen by your target customers in a highly competitive market. A brand that is impactful, strategic, and deeply connected, built around your business’ foundation and strengths. A brand that entices your target customers to be drawn towards your brand and fall in love with it.

I believe that good designs are not enough. They say branding is just the visuals, but it’s not. It’s more than meets the eye.
Your brand should bring you success and a proud moment.

“Someone could just wake me up from my sleep and I know what my unique selling points are and what my brand stands for.

Winifred Ayeni

Founder, Erema Botanics

“Denise is an absolute pro. She took a look at my business and my social media and was spot on with my colors and my vibe. I love the graphic she created for my business and would highly recommend her. She is detail oriented and has a very timely turn around with her product. Thank you so much!”

Stacie Houghtaling

Owner, She's Got Moxie

I’m the founder and mastermind of Sestra Visuals. I may have met you in a social space like Facebook or Instagram, or while networking with other empowered women.

I founded Sestra Visuals in 2020 after five years in the corporate world being a Customer Retention Specialist, Business Edge Specialist, and Marketing Officer. I knew I wanted something more than my corporate job. I started to invest in myself to learn design, marketing, and branding.

Being a brand strategist and website designer is the common ground of all the things that I have learned and experienced along the way. 

During weekends, you can find me at a coffee shop or at the beach. I love bold colors, serif typefaces, creating mood boards, and hot coffee.

– Denice

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My favorite thing about being a brand strategist and designer is I get to build brands – while forming relationships with my clients and being the reason why my clients are forming good relationships with their customers. With my work I get to find their business’s strengths and help them maximize it to reach its highest potential.

“Denice was very helpful in identifying where we are lacking when it comes to brand strategy. She gave tips and suggestions on how we can improve and told us where we should focus on. I highly recommend Denice if you are confused with your branding or if you need help with brand strategy. Thanks Denice!”

Patricia Salanguit

Owner, After Thursdays

“Denice really took the time to get to know me and my business and came up with a spot color scheme and logo, which I love and is different to other things I’ve seen whilst being on-trend and eye-catching!”

Wendy Margret

Alignment Coach, Joyfully Aligned

My Creative Process in a Nutshell

We find a balance between strategy and emotions. We will take a look at your business in a deeper perspective.

We will discover what your purpose and foundation really is with the help of our Boost Your BrandWorkshop.

It is a collaborative effort between you and me – building a competitive and scalable brand.

Strategic but exciting and comprehensive process.